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Complying with the new import/export regulations

From 1 January 2021

The new United Kingdom/ European UnionTrade and Cooperation Agreement, in force from 2021, makes mandatory customs declarations when exporting goods from the UK to the EU, using rules that currently apply to exporting goods to the rest of the world.

New Regulations

There will also be new regulations about VAT charges, export licences and certificates, as well as regarding the marking, labelling and marketing standards for products such as food, plant seeds, manufactured goods, alcohol, tobacco etc. The process for importing goods from the EU will also change.

“If you’re a UK-based business sending goods outside of the UK or EU, you must complete an export declaration to get your goods through customs.”

This is the current advice on the GOV.UK website

Form filling required

For newcomers to imports/exports declarations, the procedures and form filling required can be daunting. More important, it can be unclear as to where to begin if you plan to start importing/exporting to the EU, or how your current import/export compliance requirements stand to change.

We are here to help

  • Our goal is to help UK businesses with no previous experience with the formalities and regulations for importing/exporting, understanding the key concepts, procedures and documents used by UK Customs.

  • As the situation regarding UK-EU import/exports is currently in flux, the content of this web site is currently in beta status, but continuously revised and updated. We recommend therefore that you revisit regularly this website, as well as of course the updates published on the official UK HMRC/Customs website (

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